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Meet Sam

Meet Toby

Toby joined the farm in 2021. He helps protect the crops from deer and other critters. He’s also a really big fan of just about everyone he meets.


The farm was started by Sam Williamson in 2017, when he was sixteen. His goal from the beginning has been to serve the local community with healthy food and other products, all grown with natural, chemical-free practices. 


Our growing practices

Our farming practices focus on two things: the health of the consumer and the health of the local environment. We don’t use any harsh, toxic, man-made chemicals that are often used in agriculture. Instead, we try to do things nature’s way, the way God intended. Nutritious compost and locally-sourced organic fertilizers enrich the soil to grow the vegetables and flowers.

How we do it

We use crop rotation and organic methods of pest control instead of toxic and dangerous poisons. Instead of herbicides we use more traditional methods of weed control like mulching and cultivation. Also, we try to integrate the farm with the local ecosystem by minimizing harm towards wildlife, and encouraging healthy populations of pollinators.


The farm stand

In 2019, Sam started selling produce and flowers from a home farm stand in New Freedom, PA.

More locations

In 2021, Sam joined the vendors at the Adams County Farms Market, where he still sells today. 


The farm today

In 2023, the farm is in its sixth year. We sell a wide variety of vegetables and flowers, as well as adding fruit trees and elderberries to the property. Sam’s sister Ema has also joined the team to work on marketing, social media, and photography.

The barn

And finally, there is—in fact—a green barn!

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